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We are an approachable group of dreamers. We believe that every house can produce and use the energy coming from renewable sources.
We love technologies, problem solving, good ideas and affordable prices. We look in the market for the best products at convenient prices, then we offer those products as solutions to create solar and wind energy production systems. Those include batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, inverters and any other system components. However our goal is not just to sell the products in our shop but to assist our clients in bulding their systems. We do so trhough the blog and direct Emails.

Another point we focus at are the Electric Vehicles (EV). Please do not hesitate to write to us if you are selling an EV or converting one and we will give you space on the website and on the blog

We are based in UK but we are a bunch multi-cultural people. Write to us in your own language and we will do our best to answer you in an understable way. OwnsEnergy is part of SMILEWAVES Group

Thanks to have read so far and contact us for any questions.

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